A strong commitment to matching project teams with contract needs and requirements.
To ensure use of the most experienced staff for any contract, we assign staff with significant experience in the appropriate content or technical expertise. While all project team members have a strong knowledge base and experience in various functions, the flexibility of our model requires that none of them need to be ‘a master of all trades.' This allows the team (and the client) to benefit from each team members strengths and alleviates the time and resource demands of learning curves.

Frequent contact with our clients.
​Our first priority is to support our client. All PFH team members are flexible and open to feedback to meet unexpected needs, implement continuous program improvement, and assure the success of the evaluation. 

Frequent communication between management and project staff.
​We recognize that frequent communication between the team members is critical to seamless implementation of an evaluation.

Project Management Structure.

We develop project plans and utilize project management tools to ensure our clients and teams know the status and completion date of each task. This keeps communication and project status transparent for all parties involved.

Management Strategy

Regardless of the size of the contract, staff at PFH provide oversight and clear communication strategies and management structures to ensure efficient and effective work. Our management plan reflects a solid approach to managing multiple tasks and multiple sub-contractors. In this regard, the key features of our management approach include the following: 

PFH uses a networking business model, where core staff at PFH form the ‘backbone’ organization and consultants and sub-contractors supplement staff capacity and expertise. This provides numerous benefits to our clients. Firstly, the model keeps the staff to administrative cost ratio high. Secondly, the model provides clients with a diverse array of skills and expertise – this is particularly useful in projects that have different technical needs at different stages. For larger and / or complex contracts, we assemble consulting teams from a network of affiliated professionals, each with an accomplished track record. Our consultants are academic and / or professional practitioners who are knowledgeable of the latest developments in their field. Because we develop projects with experienced people, high quality, relevant results are ensured. Our transdisciplinary approach promotes diverse and complementary skills and capabilities which guarantees rich products. PFH clients reap the benefit of our collective experience in a wide range of public health areas – from history and politics to education, economics, epidemiology, financial, and policy analysis. Common threads that run through all these areas include prioritizing health disparities, social inequities, and minority populations. This is achieved through appropriate attention to educational needs, health literacy level, cultural differences, and barriers to accessing health care.

How We Work